Ingesting Stars

To the anonymous person who posted this on one or more social media sites – (I can’t believe I’m saying this) – thank you.
You didn’t have to read it.
You didn’t have to like it.
You didn’t have to share it.
You didn’t have to credit me.
But thank you.
As a result, my day has been made, at the very least.
You can’t know what it means.

The Poem is the Thing -


Soupy black universe

peppered with the dust

of planets and meteors and history

rounds against

the back of my throat

as I turn myself inside out

and swallow







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Brief Thanks

A Brief Thanks

It’s a tiny thing on a barely-there blog. But my followers are now tenfold what I ever expected them to be. Thank you, strangers and friends, for the moments you’ve given to my rambling, and the words you give the world.

(Image by Tom Slas)