The Dangers of Vanity and a Few Shameless Plugs

This weekend was action packed, my friends! Nevermind the week, during which I cooked spectacular dishes from the Americas (I did, and they were). Nevermind the perfect, gorgeous, otherworldly springtime outside my doors and windows. Nevermind the regular hilarity with which life happens to me. For now, let’s just talk weekend, shall we?

My vanity is a paradoxical creature. It exists in such a way that I care enough to do something, but I don’t care enough to spend more than about five minutes on said thing. (Bright-ass lipstick diverts multitudes of attention from the rest of the laziness). That being said, some of you are going to feel my pain when I say, “You know how every now and then you see a look or trend you think you might want to try, and then you try it?”

Enter blue eyeshadow, stage left.

How I thought I’d look:


(photo credit:

How I actually looked:



That’s all I have to say about that.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I’ve been shopping for new art. I recently received some beautiful – and tres cool – photographs taken by a talented artist who blogs on this site. I couldn’t be happier to have them displayed in my living room. They are the perfect addition to my space:
mail (6)

mail (5)

mail (4)

To check out this amazing man’s work, look up Gedartis on WordPress, and also click here:
{Shameless Plug #1}

Last night I went to the Rodriguez concert here in town. If you are unfamiliar, check out “Searching For Sugarman.” {Shameless Plug #2} His story is fascinating, and he is one cool cat. Not to mention a talent to bowl over the stoniest of musical folks. A treat I’m lucky not to have missed!

Today, I attended a ladies’ tea party.
My neighbor – a wonderful person who has kindly taken me under her wing – {Shameless Plug #3, and no, she has not read my blog}and her friends have hosted this event every May for the past five years, during which we all wore fancy hats, had a teacup exchange, chitted and chatted with delightful and interesting people, ate divine finger foods, and of course, drank the finest of teas.
Yes, it really was just like that. No, I am not embellishing or omitting.
My tablemates were lovely. No one gave in to the urge to jump on the trampoline. And my language didn’t get away from me even once. A fine time was had by all:

2013-05-05 14.02.33

2013-05-05 17.26.40

My teacup from the exchange

2013-05-05 16.10.49-1

This hat was meant for me, truly. (We found each other courtesy of the pagepage shop on etsy)
{Shameless Plug #4}

The rest of my weekend that is of any note happened in the tiny park down the street, the coffee shop I haunt:

2013-05-04 13.07.03-1
{Shameless Plug #5}

and my own backyard. Lots of reading, playing with the dogs, thinking on life, and breathing in the spring air. Sometimes those are the most important things we can do.

Honestly, who could resist this face?

2013-05-04 14.36.43
{My dog, Toby – Final Shameless Plug}

What’s important to you these days?


Spring on the Farm… sort of

2013-03-23 18.25.24March winds have been lusty and persistent in central Texas, persuading the 80-to-90-something degree temperatures into more bearable shapes.  Those same winds seem to have lifted me out of the house for the entirety of yesterday.

After a perfectly executed croque madame brunch I wandered to a nearby farm stand, but resisted impulsively snatching up every beauty within sight.   I scouted out a new park for potential canine companion quality time.  I sat outside with a good cup of coffee and a fascinating book.  (I’ll pass it along when I’m done).

I refused to acknowledge the existence of outstanding household tasks and obligations.

In the evening, I attended an after hours concert at Springfield Farms, an award winning urban farm established in the midst of commerce, clubs and interstates. 2013-03-23 18.23.47

The parsnip bisque and informative sessions alone would have made my day. Throw in the Zenith Quintet, – brass and keyboard – white-lit trees and an intimate crowd, and spring has truly arrived.


2013-03-23 19.36.41 

They played a widely varied selection, from Piazzola to Rogers and Hammerstein, from Vivaldi to Aerosmith.  They love what they do and appreciate their audiences.  And they are truly gifted musicians. 

Earlier in the week I revisited Evangeline specifically for The Peacemakers.  The ensemble includes an upright bass, harmonica, drums and revolving guitarists.  They play the ever living hell outta some blues to a small crowd of regulars whose camaraderie is contagious. Trust me, the best bands you’ve never heard of are playing in dives all over America.

 I may never fully outgrow my snarky tshirt, converse phase. But then, I was the kid who enjoyed going to symphony performances too.  And that weird mashup is part of what makes life good for me.   I’m in a perfect place to take advantage of it. 

I’ve been heavily lamenting the news of the Athens-based band Modern Skirts going their separate ways. But life happens and sprouts in its many directions whether or not we approve. They are immeasurable talents, and I wish them the best. If you aren’t familiar, here’s a sample:

Take on the week! And tell me, what is it you’re listening to lately?