Keep Austin Weird.

Sometimes, in the melee of busyness, I almost forget where I am. In truth, this is much more about awareness of where I am.  Especially lately.


I am in a moderately larger sized city, by national standards.  Not huge.  Not small.  But having grown up in a small, much more rural area, the perspective is so interesting when I bother to step back and take it in. 

My jobs are within walking distance of each other.  Some things I pass daily right now:

2014-01-04 07.55.202014-01-04 07.55.02 

The scenery

2014-01-04 10.30.58 (1)2014-01-04 10.30.47 


 2013-12-29 15.57.55


 2014-01-04 07.43.31-1

(The signage reads:  Austin Fluoride Hunger Strike. Fact: You are being medicated daily without your consent){Update: New signage: Day 7. Fluoride is proven to lower IQ Hmmm…}





A day in the life of any city has infinite intermingling stories.  This one tells them in songs and protest, in beer suds and food, in organics and dog dander, on bicycles, in the riverflow, on bats’ wings.  In history.  In pictures.



One thought on “Keep Austin Weird.

  1. In the rush of the day, the little things get lost. Love the idea of giving time to appreciate the not so mundaneness that surrounds. It’s never occurred to me to take a stand against fluoride.

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