To Follow or Not to Follow?


Every person here has a different answer to the question “Why do you blog?”  Which is as it should be.

Today my question is, why do you read the blogs you do?

I’ve been wondering this for myself since I shot into this atmosphere.  What are my criteria?  What is proper etiquette?  Why the hell is my reader so congested? And is that a bad thing?  

My trip down the rabbit hole has gone something like this –

I am interested in {insert subject here}.      Follow.

That post made me think about something new.  Or familiar.      Follow.

I liked that poem, quote, image.   Follow.

That was funny.    Follow.

I know that person.   Follow.

That person is now following me.   Follow.

That person liked one of my posts.  What are they posting?  Looks decent.    Follow.

I’m bored.   Freshly Pressed?    Follow.

That person referenced my favorite ever {insert music, book, food, place-related thing here}  We are obviously meant to be BFFs.    Follow.





I don’t know.


Some people are highly prolific.  To the point of overwhelming my I-only-check-this-every-few-days-to-weeks rhythm.  And some people I “follow” barely post at all.  <—-  (I am sometimes guilty of this)


The coming year will bring a purging of my sheepish mentality, more research and discernment before cluttering my screen and mind, and more appreciation of the quality to which I choose to subscribe.

But the last bit of BFF logic above is still totally legit.

Please, share with me your criteria for following blogs. Or anything else.

And thank you for blogging, reading, commenting, for giving me pause to ask the question at all.



Happy 2014, y’all!




5 thoughts on “To Follow or Not to Follow?

  1. sc0pic says:

    I was wondering many of the same things myself. I am very VERY new to blogging. I just started about a month ago, and prior to that had not really even read many blogs. I have no idea what the rules are, or if there are any. Some people (yourself included) magically stumbled upon my writing and the rest is history. I explore those that like or follow me, and sometimes I return the follow, sometimes I don’t. My reader is awfully full already, and I fear I’m missing something really great, or maybe millions of really great posts. As I explore more, my Follow criteria will be based not only on if it interests me but if it adds flavor and enrichment to my life.
    Also, your mom is lovely. 🙂

  2. 1ozra says:

    Your blog meets my criteria for holding my interest in following it consistently. Some of my reasons will be of no interest to others. Like being your Mother. Most WILL be for the same reasons others follow specific blogs. 1) It is written by someone they know and like/love personally. 2) it is written by someone they find interesting who blogs about things that the follower is also interested in 3) the blog provides information that is useful to the follower 4) the blogger has a style that is witty, entertaining and authentic ( if an expletive is needed to make a point so be it but temper the offensive 5) the blogger is willing share, in some way, the not so great moments -without to much personal detail, so the reader doesn’t feel he/she is ALL smoke and mirrors. 6) each post leaves you with a feeling that you’ve connected in some way with then blogger and with an anticipation of the next post. Okay, I’m not going to re-read what I’ve written. It would only remind me why I’m not a great blogger. You have the makings however to be a really great one!

  3. 1ozra says:

    Sometimes I try to convince myself that I could be witty and write things others would read … Look forward to reading. Since you have begun blogging it has become all too clear to me that you are the one in our family with the talent and flair to draw others willingly into your blog life. You see and hear and experience things most miss entirely. Thank you for that.

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