Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Because I was off the blogging grid during Father’s Day, I missed the shout out I would have given. Today is my dad’s birthday, (though in my youth he and my grandmother had much debate over whether he was technically born on the 2nd or 3rd…)and I have a thought or two on the subject.

For me, holidays are mostly about visiting loved ones and having yet another excuse to eat – not that I need one. But birthdays are different. They are special in that they allow us to celebrate people being in the world. My dad has always been not only the greatest role model and overall person a girl could ever hope to have in her life, but he’s also been my ally, my conspirator, my friend.

Mom blames my weird delivery and sense of humor on him. And she’s right, it’s all his fault. But without the humor and wonder with which he always encouraged me to approach life, I could never have embraced the life I now have.

For that, and for the countless moments I can’t measure, thanks, Dad. Thanks for being here, and being you.


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