Teachers’ Day

imagesCA7JX8KYAlmost every person blogging or reading blogs has someone for whom to be grateful tomorrow. Please take the time to let a teacher know they made a difference –


Besides my parents, teachers have probably made the biggest impact on my life, historically speaking.

An incomplete list of thank yous from me:

Everyone who has ever taught anyone to read.  You changed the world. 

My preschool teacher, who is still one of  the coolest, most fascinating people I’ve ever known.

My first grade teacher, who not only recognized me in public but remembered my name just two years ago.

My fourth grade teacher, who introduced me to entirely new veins of literature, science and history. 

My high school chemistry and physics teachers, for making science even cooler. And my AP English teacher for never cutting corners, or cutting us any slack.


My voice and guitar teachers, for fostering a lifelong passion.


My finite math professor, for kicking my ass and making me work for it.


My chef instructors now, who choose to so willingly share their decades of experience and expertise with a new generation of culinarians. 

To Carmen, the sweetest teacher I know.

And to all the friends and family who have ever chosen the challenging path of education as a profession.



Happy Teachers’ Day!


Thank you for loving what you do, and doing it under the varying, less than ideal circumstances you do.  You are my heroes.




2 thoughts on “Teachers’ Day

  1. Thank you for the recognition. Give yourself a pat on the back for all the little the ones you’ve taught valuable lessons in their formative years and for sharing your gift and love of voice and guitar with your students.

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