In Honor Of Nurses’ Week

images (3)Being a person with so very many nurses in my family, I have a huge expanse in my heart forever filled with admiration, awe, respect and true love for those who practice the profession, and most especially for the exceptional private nursing to which I’ve been privy my entire life.


All of us have been cared for and/or touched by a nurse at some point, whether individually or because they’ve attended to the needs of a loved one. 


Please be sure to take a moment to appreciate those around you on Nurses’ Day tomorrow. They deserve more recognition than they will ever have.

(Mom, Aunt Mary, Grandma, and all my aunts and cousins – thanks for always taking care of me, not just because we’re family, but because nursing is a part of who you are).


2 thoughts on “In Honor Of Nurses’ Week

  1. Thank you for acknowledging that nurses rock. Even old ones…. not that I know any. You are practically an honorary nurse yourself !

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