{September’s Reprieve}

I suppose we are all

surrounded by ghosts

trailing their tails

along the floors of our days

every so often paling our faces

with appearances in which

they solidify, vaporize, condense

settle gently on skin

before amnesiac swell

washes them out once more 



3 thoughts on “{September’s Reprieve}

  1. I always love your poetry. Mine is not so eloquent.

    Ghosts Aren’t Always White by Marti Stuart

    – contrary to what is generally assumed …. Ghosts arent always white
    – sometimes they are no color at all
    – they show up in the most unexpected places
    – at the most unexpected times
    …. a familiar smell
    …. or feeling
    …. a thought
    …. a memory
    …. a whisper
    …. a face in the crowd
    …. a hope

  2. Eric Alagan says:

    We are never really alone, are we?

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