Moon Over Austin

2013-04-03 17.44.53Perspective is a tricky thing.

I’ve been exploring art lately.

I think it is generally accepted (as far as society is concerned, for what it’s worth) an artist’s job is not only to reflect himself or herself through any given piece, but also to allow the viewers to see themselves, whether differently or in the familiar.  That is an artist’s gift to us, in part.

Given this, my questions crop:  What, in turn, do the pieces with which I identify say about me?

The ones I choose to display in my home or office?  The ones I don’t, because someone might get the “wrong impression”?  OK, you’re right. I don’t have any of those…  But other people do.

I’ve been weeding out prints that no longer fit my outlook or the home I wish to substantiate.  I’ve had some happy run ins with pieces and people which are aiding my artistic evolution. I’ve been more thoughtful about the things I display because I genuinely enjoy them.

How important is this?  I don’t really know.


On the school front ~    The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of steak, bourgonnione, veal piccata, sweetbreads, leg of lamb, farro, pork ribs, fish and shellfish.

Turns out I am a pro at slapping flesh in a pan and sautéing it appropriately.  Fish fileting by school standards…mmm… it’s hit or miss.  Gravlax brought a Green Eggs and Ham moment for me over salmon, which I have never loved.  Cured, I find it perfectly palatable.  Flounder was magical, but my favorite dish so far, with flavors of home:



Image( I made the mignonette and shucked some myself).

Friday was a challenge, leaving me wondering, once again, why it is I’ve chosen to pursue this line of education.  Some of us went out for beers, asses handed to us by a rough day in the kitchen, and I realized how much I appreciate being surrounded by people who love and think about food in so many of the ways I do. We have different experiences and approaches, different goals, but the value of being a part of this group isn’t lost on me.


Extracurriculars ~ I found a mediocre sports bar that promises to always broadcast the Braves for me.  With their record at 5-1 I want to see all I can!  The team is off to a dynamic start, and I for one haven’t missed a single trade or retiree.  (Wait, did I just say that?  YEAH I did).


I caught the Sons of Fathers appearance at Waterloo Records this week.  Their take on the roots movement is fresh, and I found some of their live performances more impressive than their recorded counterparts.  {We all know I bought the album}.  I also saw Liz Morphis’s jazz session at Evangeline. She sang exactly what she should have, and sang it simply and well.  What more could I ask?


Midweek I hit The Bakehouse just to get out of the house.  I love their small bar, which is constantly packed with regulars.  But can somebody please tell me what’s wrong with this picture?


2013-04-03 18.49.54 

That’s right.   Highchairs.  In a bar.  It makes me chortle to myself every time… 


Side note ~  I had friends in for the weekend.  I subjected them to my cooking, but also took them down South Congress, and stayed up later than anyone should catching up on life. The only thing I have to relate from the weekend to you is, sometimes the moon just needs howling.


One last laugh ~ My first tax return in over a decade came in the mail this week:


2013-04-06 17.54.49 

Now please, tell me all your thoughts on art, taxes, and howling at the crescent moon.


9 thoughts on “Moon Over Austin

  1. 1ozra says:

    First thoughts … Your food pictures always make me hungry, art – well there’s a subject on which my thoughts, opinions and feelings change almost daily. Glad you are finding enjoyable entertainment and hangouts, friends old and new are a wonderful gift to treasure. Lastly, don’t spend the money all in one place!

  2. Art should be multidimensional in perspective and in the emotions it conjures. The oysters are lovely and are indeed nature’s work of art. Fish is tricky. With practice and experience you no doubt will perfect your handling skills. Unfortunately, the “high chairs” might be just the right bar height for the likes of us. That tax return is by far one of the best examples of your smartness-managing to not owe the government while also not over giving funds. I know you can’t wait to take that $3.05 to the bank! Moon howling is most definitely of the utmost expressive art.

  3. gedartis says:

    hungry now. stories and foods. a thought on art, howling and taxes: headscratching.

  4. Black-eyed Susan says:

    Howling at the moon reminds me of teen wolf and that makes me laugh. Howling is good.

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