There are unpredictable times of day

in every life, every absence

in which we become

the most intimate strangers

In least likely settings

we are forced together

to find ourselves peeping toms

at the edges of souls

without allowances for familiarity

without maps of internal curves

We are left to ponder

pieces of passersby

weighing our minds and hearts

like tiny anvils




(Photo credit: Hitchcock TV, Rear Window)


6 thoughts on “Voyeurs

  1. tdavis77 says:

    I say if you’re never had one of these moments, you aren’t paying enough attention to life

  2. tdavis77 says:

    Some are the offspring of hints, ruminations. Some are just my communicative inadequacies leering at me. A lot of my writing is immediate gratification. This was just a moment in my mind. A snapshot.

  3. gedartis says:

    your poems are pulsating with magnified motion like busy streets. very specific, compact and effective. but this one, seems different- like an awareness of something that is unknown. defies gravity and subsistence. the world becomes still.

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