National Poetry Month – Humidity


April is National Poetry Month. 

In honor, I thought I’d throw a little of my drivel into the mix here and there.

I look forward to reading everyone else’s work-




The sky is a sweaty palm

resting under my collar

wanting in ways indecent, invited

to hold me in place

on a parallel plane


A plane where my tshirt and jeans

wear this day like a hat pin

soak in the substance of it

inebriate my cilia so

it’s hard to concentrate

on words on pages

The soft bound book spine

hardly bent

less so than mine


My acrid tongue


weakens bad coffee

oblivious to all but the smell

of fallen clouds

ricocheting off sponge pavements


My cells quake with unearned bravado

raise vicarious brows

at stagnant air poised to spit

A reluctant gentleman

leaving me to my adsorption

of mentality to wrought iron

to my recklessness

of intention




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