Some Family Traditions Never Change


The last time my parents were in town, the house was full of boxes, the walls were bare, the gas wasn’t on. Life was in limbo. 

This time, my act was much more together. But what’s a family outing without a little adventure?

Their first night here we visited Perla’s for dinner. Not a flaw could be found with a single item on the table. It was everything a dining experience should be.  When I asked the waiter to say “Hi” to a classmate of mine who happens to work in their kitchen, we were told she’d “like to send us dessert, if that’s ok.”  Um…nah…dessert after perfection sounds TERRIBLE.  Little did we know it would be a sweets smorgasbord of indescribable scrumptiousness.  Three sizable, irresistible delights, any one of which we could (and should) have comfortably shared.

From there we perused Uncommon Objects, home to a most interesting hodge podge. It is more intriguing, more pleasant and entertaining than the typical flea market experience.They have everything from typewriter keys and road signs to taxidermy and handmade lighting.  One of my favorite objects:

2013-03-29 16.30.55<



Yesterday we hit the Farmer’s Market, Zilker Park and Umlauf Sculpture Garden (one of my favorite spots)

2013-03-30 12.31.21.


Along came lunch time, and disaster struck.  The place I’d planned to visit was closed. No big thing, we’d find somewhere else.  Except… Google searches, college row “day parties”, and an hour of driving later, no luck. We were hungry, tired, and more than a little cranky. This, my friends, is what our family has always referred to as a Wally World adventure.  For us, no family outing is truly complete without one. Other favorites include cold showers in Yellowstone, Atlanta hotel family reunion weekend, and many unpredictable weather wardrobe predicaments.  But those are different stories.

We finally landed at a nice authentic  Mexican restaurant, filled our bellies, and set about our way.

For those of you wondering, no, I did not produce a fine Easter spread for my family, but did manage some experimental recipes- shrimp risotto, cream biscuits, and bacon baskets – all of which are well worth revisiting and tweaking.


When I dropped my parents at the airport today, I think we were all glad to have seen each other, verified we were each alive and well, and respectful of each other’s lives, 10 hours apart.


Mom, Dad, thanks for being you. And thanks for rolling with it all.  As if any of us have a choice, really…




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