Cosmic Twilight, Full Moon


The universe curls its corners

Inhales, exhales

What does it contemplate?

It closes its eyes

holds its breath

billows every edge across

sleep’s property lines

setting off four-dog alarms

in twilight’s semi consciousness


Does the universe dare disturb us?


The universe sits on its haunches

spitting stars

Clearing its mind

filling its lungs

waiting for targets

It is solitary, silent

It stretches feline toes

toward awakening’s perimeters


Lay the universe on its side

Its corners pulse, breathe, grow

It bleeds time


We are not a novel,

short story,



We are a never finished tale

suspended in the heavens




3 thoughts on “Cosmic Twilight, Full Moon

  1. tdavis77 says:

    The mysteries of life, the universe and everything are a universal ponderance, aren’t they?
    Thanks for taking the time to read.

  2. anibogh says:

    It’s like sensing the infinite unknown. Thank you for this.

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