Spring on the Farm… sort of

2013-03-23 18.25.24March winds have been lusty and persistent in central Texas, persuading the 80-to-90-something degree temperatures into more bearable shapes.  Those same winds seem to have lifted me out of the house for the entirety of yesterday.

After a perfectly executed croque madame brunch I wandered to a nearby farm stand, but resisted impulsively snatching up every beauty within sight.   I scouted out a new park for potential canine companion quality time.  I sat outside with a good cup of coffee and a fascinating book.  (I’ll pass it along when I’m done).

I refused to acknowledge the existence of outstanding household tasks and obligations.

In the evening, I attended an after hours concert at Springfield Farms, an award winning urban farm established in the midst of commerce, clubs and interstates. 2013-03-23 18.23.47

The parsnip bisque and informative sessions alone would have made my day. Throw in the Zenith Quintet, – brass and keyboard – white-lit trees and an intimate crowd, and spring has truly arrived.


2013-03-23 19.36.41 

They played a widely varied selection, from Piazzola to Rogers and Hammerstein, from Vivaldi to Aerosmith.  They love what they do and appreciate their audiences.  And they are truly gifted musicians. 

Earlier in the week I revisited Evangeline specifically for The Peacemakers.  The ensemble includes an upright bass, harmonica, drums and revolving guitarists.  They play the ever living hell outta some blues to a small crowd of regulars whose camaraderie is contagious. Trust me, the best bands you’ve never heard of are playing in dives all over America.

 I may never fully outgrow my snarky tshirt, converse phase. But then, I was the kid who enjoyed going to symphony performances too.  And that weird mashup is part of what makes life good for me.   I’m in a perfect place to take advantage of it. 

I’ve been heavily lamenting the news of the Athens-based band Modern Skirts going their separate ways. But life happens and sprouts in its many directions whether or not we approve. They are immeasurable talents, and I wish them the best. If you aren’t familiar, here’s a sample:

Take on the week! And tell me, what is it you’re listening to lately?


6 thoughts on “Spring on the Farm… sort of

  1. gedartis says:

    i am listening to bud powell trio right now. this morning pearl jam. yesterday alice in chains and pantera (too loud). big bands. satchmo and ella. must love harry james and helen forrest.
    amazing write up. i didnt know this. i remember the chickens in our farm. feeding them early in the morning. interesting life you have. ‘snarky tshirt, converse phase’ wow.

    • tdavis77 says:

      Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Pantera… Those names take me back :0}
      If I could sound like one singer, ever, it would be Ella. Every time. So pristine, innocent, wise and polished.

  2. 1ozra says:

    Beautiful gardens. Wish we could have stayed longer.

  3. tdavis77 says:

    Oh, the joys of children and their tastes…
    Glad you’re digging Carbon Poppies. I thought you might!

  4. Love reading about your adventures in Austin, and love to that your are actively seeking out such pleasures. My current playlist includes Imagine Dragons, Carbon Poppies, Jack White, Muse, Iron & Wine and Paramour to name a few. Unfortunately, my kids heard the radio version of Thrift shop (is that really a number one song?) and are singing it constantly-it does have a catchy beat, but really.

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