Maybe we should take this show on the road

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Blogs assume a reading audience to be not only present, but also actively interested in what’s being said on a given subject.  I assume no such thing, but have a handful of encouraging people for whom I feel compelled to offer updates and ramblings. 

That being the case, I am testing a segmented format this week. Theoretically it will mercifully allow skimming or bypassing those things you don’t really want to know.  Feedback from my 2 readers will be greatly appreciated.   And we’re off –


The Foodie Part:

This is an eating, drinking town.  And HOW.  Given the nature of my move to Texas, I feel it would be reproachful, irresponsible to skimp on empirical research for the duration of my stay.

This week I sacrificed, bellied up and did my part by buying Texas beer and coffee for home trials.  I was in no way disappointed.  Fara Coffee (roasted here) is impressively bold and easy to imbibe, and Real Ale, hailing from Blanco, has a pleasantly surprising range for something I haphazardly lifted from the grocery store as an impulse buy.  It doesn’t quite thrill the palette in ways the Lazy Magnolia still occupying my refrigerator does, but it is quality nonetheless.

I made a trip to a cool little coffee shop early in the week to test them out as a new haunt.  The place has ambitions of expansion and excellent dark roast.  Good signs.

I sampled mellow, sweeter than usual sauerkraut and good schnitzel close to home.  I’ll be back…

And I was pulling through a parking lot for a quick turn around, but decided to stop when I spotted Evangeline Café.  I was hungry.  It was there, and I have a soft spot for Longfellow. The owner is a Louisiana native who has kept the place in business for a decade with decent “Cajun” fare.  I had a passable oyster, bacon and cheddar poboy, for which they DID have actual Tabasco rather than trying to pawn off other hot sauces.  And the venue is right up my alley with a hole-in-the-wall feel despite being housed in a polished shopping center.  It is apparently a good live music venue.  I’ll do a follow up when I have the chance for a return visit.


Random Happenings and Ponderings:

As I was taking in some local scenery this week, using my electronic memo pad to make note of something, I realized every person within eyesight was texting or talking, or both.  I put mine away immediately, wondering why it is we can’t get away from our damnable phones. Are they convenient? Of course.  Are they handy and fun?  They can be.  Do they keep us from what’s out in the world, under our noses?  That, I leave you to answer for yourselves.  Mine didn’t earn another glance until bedtime.

Yesterday, I went with a neighbor to The Natural Gardener, an impressive local grounds on which are grown, housed and sold all sorts of seasonal produce plants and flowering plants, soil and compost, lawn décor, seeds, and other wares.  It was a perfect day to wander around  and though I have no green thumb, I couldn’t escape without some herbs to hang in the crooked back wall baskets and some greenery to replace the plastic flowers in the backyard fountain. 


After this weekend, I feel like a domestic titan. I not only planted herbs (not in the sad, weak wall baskets after all) but was inspired by the technology of wireless 3-in-1 printers and got my taxes squared away and emailed.  Just don’t ask about the bookshelves still in boxes and bare walls.  I’m only one woman, after all.


The Keystone Kops:

I spent a couple of days trying to sort out whether one of my cats is ill or just pissed off.  It seems to be the latter, which makes the temptation to follow suit next time I’m miffed almost unbearable.  And following a spraying feline around the house is not my idea of a good time. I am thankful for the temperate weekend.

On a recent walk, my dog Toby received so much attention from passersby he eventually surrendered as approached, flopping on his side awaiting a scratch or belly rub.  He’ll be a neighborhood celebrity before all is said and done.

Suki, the bratty little bitch she is, made a quick get away when a neighbor came into the backyard and left the gate open.  Her first un- chaperoned foray into Texas was short lived, as she waited until I had hardly pulled out of the driveway in pursuit to barrel back to the house. 

Not to be outdone, I showcased my clutziness over the weekend by opening the back hatch of my vehicle and watching as a wine and a beer bottle crashed to the cement. I am now an area menace, not only for being an obvious lush but for creating dangerous glass shard threats and a driveway that reeks of alcohol before you open your car door.

But wait! That’s not all! 

After the great puppycat escape of 2013, I had the privilege of locking myself in the garage not once but TWICE in a 5 minute increment.  You did not misread that.  The interior door handle lock was particularly sensitive today.  The first time, I thought, OK… now what? Initial panic had me wondering when the neighbors might next leave the house. But 30 seconds later I had the garage door unlocked from the inside, which meant all I had to do was retrieve the spare key…  except… the spare only works on the front door which has a bonus blind deadbolt.  Damn.   Thank Zeus I am not paranoid enough to lock that one.  The second time, it was just funny. 

Note to self: prop the storage door open.  Don’t lock that second deadbolt.  And next time, just run away and join the circus.


Is it baseball season yet?





Pictures: Natural Gardener Guitar Bed, Evangeline’s tabletop, My herbs


5 thoughts on “Maybe we should take this show on the road

  1. 1ozra says:

    Because of the complete consuming housebuilding these past months I don’t feel I’ve treated your blogging fairly. I’ve read each one and anticipated the next but left without leaving a reply or comment – with the full intention of doing it later. It’s later. Much later. My apologies.

  2. 1ozra says:

    I’m tired just reading about your adventures. Glad you are are finding some interesting places and thankful you aren’t still locked away – although … Oh we won’t go there! Love you

  3. susan says:

    I’m scared to think of what role you would play in a circus…. but if you join I want in. The herb thing is awesome!

    • tdavis77 says:

      Human Cannonball, without a doubt.

      I can’t wait to use and share all those pretties!
      Too bad they don’t ship well in those prepaid boxes…

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