It Begins

2013-02-23 18.18.08-12013-02-23 15.36.01First dau        Last week, much to the shock of all who know me well, I willingly chose to allow technology to boost me into the twenty first century. Not only did I begin a {gasp} blog, but I also purchased a new laptop and hooked up my own wireless router – which, left to their own devices, my pets could have easily managed. [Nevermind how they would have chewed it all to bits….]
While on my electronics spree I came across an octogenarian with a spring in his step, wardrobed in a Clash t-shirt and classic black chucks. I knew then and there I had made the right move.

That conclusion was further validated when I hit orientation Saturday. The class is divided into two groups of study – pastry and culinary. Three of the students are returning graduates, following the discipline they had not previously studied. This speaks volumes for their value of the experience. One of them, as it so happens, works at the premiere seafood restaurant in town. I can’t wait to pay her a visit. It is also worth mentioning, one of the chefs on staff has appeared on Barbeque Pit Masters, if any of you have watched.

The first week is kitchen certification testing, so nothing exciting to report there. No need to be on alert yet, friends and family. I won’t be armed with lethal blades until next week. But today proved interesting because it gave us our first acquaintances and impressions. Some of us lunched together at a local dive where the décor was dodgy but the burgers were good, and found ways to size each other up amicably. But most interesting were all the classroom interruptions. Students barging in from kitchens with samples for the chef. Asking questions, making reports. Announcing coffee and most importantly, feeding us. Three different times in a six hour period. I hope the elastic in my uniform pants is as sturdy as it seems…

My morning kicked off at an hour I dare not admit here, to allow me time to drag the contents of trash/recycling to the curb. Normally, this would be no Herculean feat. Today, the neighborhood is probably planning a Hoarders intervention. Seriously – how can anyone accumulate so much crap? Oh, the humiliation of displaying my overwrought move to the public.

The rest of my Monday was filled with the boring adult business of insurance activation and furniture shopping. Think what you will that book shelves are so much higher on my list of priorities than sofas. Though upon securing living room seating the salesman asked, “Will you be needing any rugs today?” I couldn’t help but say, “No. But my mother would disagree.”
Sorry, Mom. It had too much momentum and couldn’t be stopped.

A brief disclaimer: I swear this is NOT a food blog. But, given the nature of my educational endeavors, it will be understandably food-centric here and there.

That being said, through chatting with friendly salespeople and neighbors, and by sheer bumbling luck, I’ve been given the in on some nearby coffee shops, bars and bookstores, and plan to visit a local farmers’ market or two this weekend.

Pictures posted include a little taste of home, hand made tamales and me, 630 this morning, ready to embark on this new adventure in earnest. And so I have.


5 thoughts on “It Begins

  1. I remember my first day of culinary school. Nothing like wearing the uniform at the crack of oh my god early. At least the elastic pants feel like pjs.

    • tdavis77 says:

      Dude, I rock those like I’m a supermodel.
      Also, the migrant worker hat is tres sexy.
      Love being a nontraditional student. It’s all about the fun.

  2. 1ozra says:

    That’s my girl 100%. Don’t know which I’m more excited about – the fact that we will actually be able to communicate via internet, the never know when or what blogging, hearing about culinary adventures, nesting endeavors, or new acquaintance experiences. I’m sure though that they will all be entertaining.

  3. susan says:

    Elastic pants are hot…

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