Water, water everywhere

…fat lot of good that’s done me!

Six days after trekking across two states, I am in a lovely home with no gas whatsoever. That means no stove, no dryer, no central heat and no hot water. Good times.  But that is a different blog altogether.  Questionable hygiene aside, moving a decade of accumulation and a menagerie of pets ten hours away hasn’t been such a nightmarish experience. 

No, really.

Being the antisocial bastard I am in my refusal to socialize on the world wide web, I have conceded to this small blog for the sake of family and friends.  It will be unscheduled. It will lack cohesion.  My language will sometimes be offensive and my opinions unedited.  Welcome to my world. 

I may have a  blog, but I will never really be a blogger.

With those bases covered, I’ll leave you with a few things I’ve learned or revisited on the journey thus far:

~ Road trips, like the rest of life, are mostly governed by attitude

~ Deflating an air mattress takes a REALLY long time

~Unpacking can be a voyage of discovery, but it’s still a pain in the ass

~ Dogs + cats + empty boxes = constant chaos and a raucous time

~ Five pets are better than one

~Utility companies are run by honey badgers

~ Nobody needs four potato mashers

~ Sometimes you just gotta throw shit away

~”Maturity” is all too evident when you’re relieved by the proximity of drug stores and Walmart (That’s right, I said the “W” word)

~ Never, ever, EVER underestimate the importance of those who love you most – stubbornness, verbal incontinence, Fraggle hair and all


3 thoughts on “Water, water everywhere

  1. 1ozra says:

    Only my offspring can make the most mundane or stressing sound like a real adventure!

  2. makeandtell says:

    No pressure, but I like that you’re blogging! It wouldnt be a ‘t’ adventure without a snafu or three. Its the grace with which you handle these snafus that puts a smile on our faces. So, is everything bigger in Texas?

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